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Executive Coaching Reviews

(Individual Patient Comments Shown Below)

“I've seen Dr. Ted Dewart for both personal counseling and corporate coaching. They say that quality of life is all about the balance that you are able to achieve. While I served as the Chairman of the Board of an international trade association at the same time as being President of a fast-paced retail organization, Dr. Dewart helped me to find that coveted balance in my life. Ted's multiipronged approach focused equally on sharpening my professional competencies, while helping me to successfully manage the needs of my of each of my business roles, along with my family values. One of his great talents is his ability to bring personal dimensions into his corporate work, and to incorporate business life into personal sessions. It's this knack for viewing a client as a whole person that makes his work so relevant. I can comfortably say that I realized a greater level of success as a direct result of the time spent with and the direction given by Dr. Ted Dewart. He gave me an arsenal of personal tools upon which I now draw upon regularly. I found Ted to be a caring advocate for my well being, and often found myself drinking from his pool of wisdom and sage advice."

Gerson Rosenbloom III

* Past Chairman of the Board, NAMM, National Association of Music Merchants  (an international music products association), Anaheim, CA

* Managing Director of Wechter Guitars, Fort Wayne, IN

* Former President of Medley, Music Philadelphia, PA



"I've been working with Dr. Ted Dewart for both personal and executive coaching and have seen tremendous improvements in my personal and professional life. Several successful colleagues have told me how executive coaching has helped them, but finding the right coach is vital.  It was not clear to me exactly how coaching would work. At first I approached it as another task, asking for intermediate goals and a clear plan. I quickly realized it was not a linear journey but rather a multifaceted organic growing experience. As we worked together my mind became more focused and emotionally I was able to step back from the daily stresses of life and see more clearly. My stress levels have decreased considerably despite multiple challenging situations and a very heavy workload. Making the time to meet with Ted was very important to me and became an important part of my week. He played an important role in helping me formulate and articulate a complex business strategy which I later presented to Senior Management who received it  enthusiastically.   Dr. Dewart is incredibly intuitive and was able to pick up on subtleties and helped me to articulate complex or emotionally difficult topics. He uses humor tactfully to make some great points and his use of the white board to depict important concepts helped solidify understanding. My colleagues, friends and family have all noticed how more relaxed I am and how I've grown professionally. As a result of Ted Dewart's coaching, it's been the best year of my personal and professional life."

Steve Arone

Pfizer, Inc.



“You are an exceptional teacher, listener and care giver. I treasure your friendship, humor, insight and your ways of knowing. I have always found it a rich resource that you have so many different maps of the mind available to you for the different issues that have arrived over the years. I have sought your consultation for 20 years now and yet you seem to remember well events of the first years.“

“I remember times when I have suggested ways of addressing stressful situations and relationships together and you have proposed far better creative alternatives because you understood organizational and leadership psychology and could see that the outcomes I sought would not be found using my approach. I have learned well from you in this area so that I more gracefully work through the stresses of my work as parish priest.”

The Rev. Canon Dr. Peter B. Stube

* Rector, Christ Church, New Bern, North Carolina

* Canon Theologian, Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina


"I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased I am that you will be, once again, teaching your course on 'The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy'. I think a testimony to your effectiveness as a teacher is the number of staff people who have signed up to take this course."


Paul J. Fink, M.D.

Former President, American Psychiatric Association (APA)


Chairman, Department of Psychiatry

Albert Einstein Medical Center

Medical Director

Philadelphia Psychiatric Center

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Unsolicited Patient Reviews

“Thank you for going above and beyond for our son. Words could never express our appreciation.”


“Recently I stopped by to see my brother. When he asked about my most important experiences, I began to relate my time in therapy with you, and how it transformed my life. “

“On a personal note, I want to say thank you. We have only had 2 sessions together and I am already exploring myself and looking for ways to break out of the old habits to better myself on the inside to feel better on the outside and see myself as you see me. So, thank you for the progress we have made already, because I know I am stubborn and hard to get through to. Your patience and ability to reach out to me and have me not feel threatened is nothing but wonderful.”

“I wanted to thank you for your good words the other night. I have thought quite a bit about our conversation this week and there has been a sense of relief and calm in me in a  way that I haven't felt for a long time. How did you get to be so good anyway?! “


"_____ has been involved with so many counselors in the past, but she mentioned that no one could compare to you. She found your insight extraordinary and your compassion remarkable. She definitely needed to talk to a 'compassionate' male at this juncture in her life. You are, obviously, an extremely skilled therapist."

"Ted, I cannot thank you enough for your help.I am really feeling good about things and it just brings an all around general GOOD feeling that I have been carrying around daily. Since I met you many years ago, you have really had a huge impact on my career and my life. You have helped me and I can see myself putting your wisdom to work. I am a much more confident person, I can see the results in myself, and nothing in the world feels better. Thanks Ted. You're a great person and I appreciate you."

"I want to tell you that today's session was AMAZING. I can tell you that from our session today I saw great light bulbs igniting in my brain. You have that knack for bringing what is just below the surface into crystal clear focus. Today's time together resulted in a very basic revelation for me. It was suddenly as if I was drawn outside of myself and could look at the 'old me' and see just what I was doing and how to adjust for that. You've given me a rare gift ... and I am eternally appreciative,"

" _____ is very lucky to have someone as loving, intuitive, and blessed as you with a skill that goes beyond 'clinical'. In my 22 years as a psychiatric nurse (17 inpatient psychiatry) I can't remember respecting a clinician as much, both for who they are as well as how well they do what they do."

"Why is it that I always feel so much better after I leave your office? Could it be that you are so good at what you do? Methinks that is the answer."

“Like most, I wasn't thrilled about entering the office of a shrink. I'm not a fan of the mind hacking, the reenactment of childhood, the awkward silences hanging in the cold, uncomfortable air. See, this wasn't my first time seeing a psychologist. I really had no idea why I was resorting to another one. So you can imagine my surprise when I stepped into the ‘Zen’, homey office of Dr. Dewart, with flowering plants posing in the window and fountains trickling tunes. A fireplace, quite cozy in the winter, was before me. First impressions stick. This one was good. It soothed my nerves a bit, but I still had the most important assessment to make: What do I make of this guy? I went in thinking in stereotypes: doctor, psychologist, shrink. I went in thinking: "Here we go; another bunch of illogical, intangible, abstract connections and ideas that lead me to nowhere, but confusion." So, again, imagine my surprise when he actually offered me not only a logical, tangible, and concrete diagnosis, but also what it meant in terms of my own way of thinking and relating to other people. It hit me: I was seeing fools before. This guy knows his stuff. This guy is the real deal. More importantly, however, this guy isn't just a psychologist and he’s far too legit to be labeled a shrink. He's Ted. He's a real, raw, and emotional human being, friend, and guide. He's not there to hold you in therapy lock-down for the rest of your life. He's there to help you grow, achieve emotional stability, and be set free into the world with a solid emotional and rational head on your shoulders. It's a true life investment. It's a relationship - the most stable, secure one I've experienced. It's a one of a kind service - the cat's meow of therapy.”